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Homeschool Life Notes

Our Favorite Free to Low-Cost Homeschool Curriculum Resources

What excites us to do homeschooling is the opportunity to finally be hands-on with our kids’ learning – to personally see what areas they excel at, what challenges they have, and what their learning gaps are. We want to prepare them for life, not just for them to finish academic subjects. We want to instill values and discipline and raise …

Homeschool Life Notes

How We Homeschool Our Two Kids for Less Than ₱19,000

Our kids needing to stay home for learning has been more of a blessing for us. We are in the US and they are in the Philippines, but we found out that our distance is not a hindrance for us to finally homeschool. Because we are in the US and we do homeschooling online, it also allows us to explore more resources that are available in both countries.