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Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania: A Retelling

The movie started with a backstory scene of how Janet Van Dyne met Kang in the Quantum Realm back when Janet got stuck there. Moving on, Scott Lang, AKA Ant-Man, was living the life after becoming one of the guys who saved the world in Endgame. This was the scene in the trailer. Scott was awarded employee of the year in a donut shop he worked at 5 years ago (before the blip). As I said, he was living the life, people greeting him at every turn, free donuts, etc. These were what he got by saving the world, which were pretty dope.

Hope Van Dyne, AKA Wasp, now runs the Pym Van Dyne Foundation that uses the Pym Particles in new and innovative ways, such as reversing deforestation, expanding public housing, food production, etc. As we know, Pym Particles are a rare group of subatomic, extra-dimensional particles, that were discovered by Hank Pym. They could increase or decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings by shunting or adding them to a subatomic dimension.

Meanwhile, Scott who did not have a job to do, decided to write a book titled “Look out for the Little Guy,” talking about his experience and whole point of view on saving the world and is currently on a book tour. At the end of one of his book tours, he received a call saying that he needed to pick up Cassie (his daughter) from jail because she apparently made a car shrink. However, because there were no pieces of evidence, she was released right away. As I remember, Scott also started his journey in jail in the first Ant-Man. (As the saying goes, “Like father, like daughter.” Actually, it’s son, but never mind.) Cassie says that the owner of the car that she shrank stole a house because, apparently, the blip caused house problems for a lot of people, five years is a very long time. Talking in the car, Scott said that he just wanted Cassie to be normal. In response, Cassie said she has never had a normal life since, as a kid, she was attacked by a bee, referencing to the film Ant-Man 2.

Later that night when they were at dinner with the whole family, Cassie and Hank Pym wanted to tell something to the family, something that they kept secret studying about. Cassie got hooked up and is interested about Ants and Technology, so Hank helped Cassie study more about it. They first showed the Ant Farm that they built. These ants were super smart and they have enhanced their community pretty fast. Next, they showed Cassie’s creation- The Quantum Satellite. It can be used to locate oneself in the Quantum Realm, so one never has to be stuck there again. The satellite can also be used to explore and learn more things about the Quantum Realm. While they were showing this, Janet was pretty worried because the Quantum Realm is pretty dangerous and going back there would be terrible. When Cassie sent a signal to the Quantum Realm, the device activated on its own forcing the whole family and the Ants to be sucked into it. The family got separated; Scott and Cassie were together and the Pym family was together.

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When Cassie and Scott got sucked in, a couple of weird creatures attacked them. Eventually, they met the Freedom Fighters who saved them from the weird creatures. It turned out that there were people living in the Quantum Realm and they didn’t know that. The Quantum Realm looks like this whole new world that we’ve never seen and they have some weird creatures over there. Meanwhile, when Cassie and Scott were caught by the Freedom Fighters, Janet explains to Hank why there’s a whole civilization and planet down in the Quantum Realm. She said, “You weren’t able to look deep enough. Not through the void and Subatomica. There are worlds. Worlds and worlds. It’s a place outside time and space. It’s a secret universe beneath ours.”

Back to Scott and Cassie, they were taken to the Freedom Fighter Camp where they were forced to drink the booze from Veb. This booze is pretty magical because when they drank it, they suddenly understood every word they say. It’s like a translator. This is where they meet new people like Veb, who is made of booze (he looks like the the Pokemon Slugma and Ditto combined), Quas, who was a Telepath, and Gentora, their leader.

Then, Janet takes Hank and Hope to a region where she talked to some people and got a ride. It looks like a Mantle Ray kind of creature. She said that they need to go to a place called the City of Exia, where she can meet a close friend there that knows where Scott and Cassie are. She says that they need to find both of them because they are in danger. Without saying any explanation why they’re in danger which makes Hank and Hope want to know what Janet is so scared of, that is that big of a threat.

When they arrived at Exia, they met her close friend named Krylar or Lord Krylar. Krylar reveals that Kang sent M.O.D.O.K (Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) to hunt Scott and Cassie in the Freedom Fighter Camp. It turns out that Janet’s friend, Krylar, is now allied with Kang. It was said that Krylar and Janet fought together to defeat Kang, but later on, that Kang convinced Krylar to become one of his when Janet left. Consequently, a big fight broke out against Krylar and his guards. At the end of the fight, The family ends up stealing Krylar’s ship, and Krylar got tossed around by an enlarged alien.

Going back to Scott and Cassie, Gentora found out that they were affiliated with Janet Pym, who was a pretty big name in the Quantum Realm. It was said that she fought against Kang, and now that Kang is on the throne, Janet is a wanted person. Nobody wanted to get affiliated with Janet because everybody feared Kang. We find out that the Freedom Fighters are terrorists who lost their homes because Kang destroyed them. And now, knowing that Scott and Cassie are affiliated with Janet, they rush to evacuate the place, but they are too late. M.O.D.O.K. arrived with a clan of fighters with him. The others try to fight him off, so the others can escape. As a result, Gentora, Quas, and other freedom fighters got captured. As Scott and Cassie saw M.O.D.O.K., it was revealed that M.O.D.O.K. was Darren Cross, Ant-Man’s enemy in the second Ant-Man film. His body parts disproportionally shrank after he was zipped down to the Quantum Realm. We see Darren’s backstory of how Kang saved him from death and turned the body-less being into a mechanized organism.

Back to the present, when M.O.D.O.K. went to capture Scott and Cassie, it turned into a pretty good fight. Cassie got to try out her new suit. Unfortunately, in the end, Kang’s fighters swarmed them resulting in their being captured. On the other end, Janet decided to tell Hank and Hope about what happened in the past and how she met Kang. This is where the opening scene came in. Kang was exiled by the Time Keepers and was sent to the Quantum Realm, so he can no longer cause any trouble. Kang’s time travelling ship was broken, and it landed to where Janet is, just in time to save her from a wild creature. Because of that, Janet helped Kang fix his ship. They just need to charge its core because this is where the ship gets its energy. They spent years and years trying to figure out how to charge it. While they were fixing the ship, Kang and Janet became best friends. Kang promised Janet that if they ever fix the ship, he’ll help her get back to her universe. They held hope on fixing the ship until the time came. They found a way to charge the battery, and now they can go wherever they want. They both have a ticket out of the Quantum Realm. When Janet is attaching the battery back to the ship, she touched his mind and came to know his plans and everything that he did back then. She found out who Kang really is. She found out about the wrath of the conqueror, how many planets he conquered, how many people he killed, and the reason he was exiled to the Quantum Realm. She only touched it for a second but she immediately knew what he was going to do once he gets out of there. She immediately knows that Kang should never get out of the Quantum Realm even if she knows that she might be destroying her one-way ticket out of there as well. She took the core and enlarged it four times, so he can never get it back.

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This forced Kang to conquer the Quantum Realm. Because Kang doesn’t have a way out, he did the one thing that he wanted to do in the very place that he was stuck in. He made the Quantum Realm his kingdom. He went from city to city and destroyed them. He made his name known in the entirety of the Quantum Realm and made himself king. Of course, Janet tried to stop him with all she got. She also made some allies like Krylar. But in the middle of all those chaos, she got pulled back on earth by Hank and the family. So it looked like she ran away in the minds of her allies. While she was telling this, they were on their way to the core because Janet knows Kang’s plan and it’s probably too late to get to Scott and Cassie. She knows that they need to get the core first before Kang does or he will cause chaos in the world.

While she was telling this story, Scott and Cassie were locked up in Kang’s place. Kang introduces himself to Scott and Cassie, and he offers them a way out. Kang said that he needs Scott’s help to shrink and retrieve the core back, and if he helps him, he’ll free both of them and help them get back to Earth. Scott quickly refused because he doesn’t want to help an enemy that locked them up. Because of that answer, Kang tried to deal with them the hard way by threatening to kill Cassie and torturing both of them which resulted in Scott agreeing to the deal.

After Scott agrees, Kang opens a portal to the site of the core and tells Scott that once he gets inside the core he’ll experience a probability storm. Scott dives inside the core to get it over with already and free Cassie. Once Scott got inside, he experienced all of his probabilities getting multiplied. It’s like getting a duplicate of himself that would do anything that Scott would think of or any of the probabilities that he would do. It became chaos. Every Scott went directly to the core which resulted in the probability of being killed with the reasons being unknown. In the end when the real Scott got piled up by the other Scott’s and is almost about to be killed, he thought of Cassie and how he wants to save her. So all the Scott’s got together and teamed up to stack up and raise the real Scott to reach the very core, so he can shrink the core and get back to Cassie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough to get to a point when their stacking wasn’t stable enough that forced them to fall little by little. Thankfully, Hope got a read on Scott and went to help him to get the core. They both teamed up to shrink the core back to its original size and get a hold of it.

Once they got to the core, they met the gang. Kang went to get the core immediately. Scott and Hope try to fight him off to get it back, but they only got pummeled by Kang. Kang just threw the helpless, old Hank away, and then He takes Janet with him back to his fortress. There, Kang tells Janet how he’s going to wreak havoc once he gets out of there. In the meantime, Hank gets saved by his intelligent ants that were also got sucked up with them in the Quantum Realm. It is said that, a single day in human life in the Quantum Realm, is a thousand days for ants, so just imagine what these intelligent ants could do in thousand days. They’ve already built their society and all that.

While Kang was getting ready to get out of the Quantum Realm, Hank went to get Scott and Hope, so they could attack Kang’s fortress and stop him from getting away. In the midst of Kang’s getting ready, he left Cassie in her guard’s care. Because of that carelessness by Kang, Cassie managed to escape his guards with the help of her suit. After she got out, she went to free Gentora to get allies. After she freed Gentora, they went to the comms room to sabotage Kang while he was getting his clan ready to get out of there. They intercepted it and they summoned all of the people in the Quantum Realm that can fight to stop Kang and put an end to their misery and to get back their universe.

After Cassie does this, Scott and company arrive at Kang’s fortress. Scott became huge and all and went straight to Kang. He was furious because he never returned Cassie. Scott was huge and was wreaking havoc, but Kang’s army was just too many. They had this jet-like thing that can blast like guns, and they have tons of that. Scott was almost going to get taken down when the Quantum Realm people went to supply backup. They came to get their revenge on Kang. Now that Scott and company have an army with them, they now have a chance against Kang the Conqueror. Scott went to get a disc like weapon and tried to barge into Kang’s inner side of the fortress, but it won’t budge. The center of his fortress has protection rings, much like the one in Wakanda. Then he tries to cannonball into the rings with the help of Hope which then it breaks.

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The mistake Kang made here is that he kind of got greedy. Instead of already powering up his ship, he went to get his whole army ready because he wants to bring them with him. I guess it kind of makes sense because it’ll make conquering easier, but he didn’t think about his enemies and the threat they could muster once they get inside his fortress. Now that Scott has a clan of fighters with him and already breaching his fortress, Kang is rushing to get his ship ready so he can get out fast. Because he got complacent, he is now in much bigger trouble than he was earlier. Because of this, Kang got furious. Kang himself went out and fought. He goes and kills Gentora’s right hand man without even breaking a sweat. We see here how strong he really is. We can see here why he’s feared by many and why he tends to threaten the whole Marvel Universe.

Simultaneously, Scott was breaching the center, and Cassie was fighting M.O.D.O.K. inside Kang’s tower. It was a pretty good fight. In the end Cassie won against M.O.D.O.K, and told him that he should try to have a change of heart. When Scott breached the center, he and Cassie got reunited. (We also got to see a big version of Cassie, which teases that the future of Ant-Man isn’t bad.) While Scott, Hope, and Cassie are advancing, they now see Kang, and fight him face-to-face. It’s a 3 on 1 but Kang is just too powerful. Scott, Hope, and Cassie are trying their best to fend off Kang, but Kang is just too strong. At the end of the fight, Hank comes in and orders all the ants to attack Kang. These are not normal Ants as we know. These are huge and intelligent Ants that have weapons attached to them. Different kinds of enhanced Ants attacking Kang. Kang got surrounded and was struggling. He activated a shield that could keep him safe against the Ants’ attack until M.O.D.O.K. went straight to Kang’s shield and broke it. This forced the Ants to get a hold of Kang and stampede him. M.O.D.O.K. got a change of heart and became one of the vital heroes that went against Kang before his death.

After their encounter with Kang, they went up the tower to get Janet and get back home. They saw when they got up that Janet beat up all the guards and while she was waiting for them, she uses a Quantum Chord to use Cassie’s invention to get back home. They got inside the portal one by one but once it got to Cassie and Scott, Scott pushed her to the portal because he saw Kang attacking from behind. Miraculously, Kang was still alive and still hasn’t given up from conquering the world. It becomes a close fight between Scott and Kang. Scott got outpowered by Kang till Hope returns to help fight Kang. They use Red and Blue Pym Particles to destroy the core, creating a vortex and then pushing Kang into the vortex and shrinking him out of sight, it is believed that this is Kang’s death.

Cassie, back home, used her invention to find Scott and Hope’s location and bring them back home safe and sound leaving the Quantum Realm. Back home, after a few days, they were all living their normal lives again.