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Homeschool Life Notes

How We Homeschool Our Two Kids for Less Than ₱19,000

Our kids needing to stay home for learning has been more of a blessing for us. We are in the US and they are in the Philippines, but we found out that our distance is not a hindrance for us to finally homeschool. Because we are in the US and we do homeschooling online, it also allows us to explore more resources that are available in both countries.

Life Notes Reflections

On Arts, Movies, Values, and Philippians 4

I find a lot of wisdom when he speaks, but he seldom speaks. I’ve been wanting to remember most of what he says, but my memory often fails. So congratulations to me, I am able to record one of our bedtime conversations. 😉 We just finished watching a film, thanks to some free time before the new year, so you’ll …