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A Prayer of Moses

Psalm 90 leads the reader to a point of reflection about some of eternal questions on life. For me, however, this seems to be a preaching for my own self as I reflect on my own confrontations on the brevity of life and as I take on the Lord’s encouragement. Still, I enjoin you to meditate on this precious Psalm …

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Lecture at Binmaley, Pangasinan

We are very blessed for the privilege to lecture on Major Themes of Pentateuch. We have such a wonderful audience – alert and attentive from lecture 1 to 10! Thank you Binmaley Christian Church and Dagupan Christian Church for coordinating. Thank you also for the churches that sent their leaders. Soli Deo Gloria! 🙂

Life Notes Life School

A Study on The Priestly Blessing

It is God’s intention to deeply bless His children. Let us explore this passage together. Here at CampLlena, our life notes may be droplets, but we hope that these droplets will contribute to the outpouring of fresh rain and splashes of living stream that will flood your hearts and souls toward reflection and worship. Click on the video below to …

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Wearable Arts

Pi Llena finds rest in creating as well as in walking along nature trails. These are her ultimate recreation from a week’s work. She makes wearable arts using polymer clays and jewelry wires. More importantly, she delights in helping build communities by conducting livelihood and skills trainings as well as holding leadership seminars and workshops. Let us get to know …